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5 Ways To Use Your Body Language In Public Speaking

World renowned couple counsellor and family therapist Virginia Satir identified five key “Postures” that her clients adopted.  Stereotypes, which powerfully communicate non-verbal messages.

You can use these postures to increase your “presence” both on stage and off.  Powerfully use your physiology (the 55% of any communication) to send non-verbal messages that back up your verbal one, thereby doing what I call “Communicating at 100%”.  You can also use these to control the energy in the room, raising it, lowering it or maintaining it depending on your outcome.  They increase your authority and assertiveness, and women in business can use them possibly more effectively than men can.

On stage they help you deal with hecklers, or to invoke states in your audience.  They also answer the question of “How do you stand, what do you do with your hands?”  Most speakers do the Fig leaf, the Prince Charles, with their hands clasped in front or behind, or worse, hands in pockets.  These are much more powerful.

There’s nothing worse than a distracting speaker who paces around, or fiddles, or whose attention is clearly in his or her own head and not on you in the audience.  You end up watching them for their weird behaviours and not for what they’re teaching.  Ooops!

Non Verbal Communication

The five Satir categories are the answer to “what do I do with my hands?” or “How do I stand?”.  Each category is an instantly recognised stereotype, and you’re doing one or more of them unconsciously anyway!  They affect your state, and that of the audience.  Remember that physiology is 55% of the message.  You often see these on book covers as the author has been coached in how to pose for the camera.  Here’s how to do them, and what they do.


Weight on one leg or evenly distributed
Arms folded, one hand on your chin
The thinking pose
Looks authoritative, like you are the wise one. Helps you
Deal with a threat so it’s harmless.
Says “I’m pensive, thinking it through, I’m the expert, I’m the authority”
Thoughtful, cool, calm and collected.  You can hide your
Self-worth behind big words and intellectual ideas
Completely rational.
Good to use when people ask you questions.
Common in Cerebral people
Be reasonable beyond limit, and use polysyllabic words
Statement tonality – fairly monotone


Weight evenly distributed, feet shoulder width apart
Hands sweep down and out as if you were sweeping snow off a wall
Says “Here’s the deal, this is how it’s going to be”
Asserts authority and calms things down, especially if you leave a pause after it
Commanding tonality, straight talker
Brings energy down
Common in Kinesthetic people
Congruent, the body matches the words, telling the truth
Good for apologising whilst maintaining your dignity


Weight evenly distributed, feet shoulder width apart
Palms up hands moving up, open and vulnerable
Says “Help me out here, please?” and “I’m sorry” and “Tell me what to do”
Suggests openness and trying to please, so that the other person doesn’t get angry with you.
Useful to open a questions and answers session.
Makes the energy more emotional, safe, gentle
Questioning tonality, higher pitched voice
Common in Kinesthetic people
Agree with the other person – be a “yes” man or
Remember the helpless “Smeagol” character in
The Lord Of The Rings movies


Weight on one leg
One foot in front of the other, pointing the finger
Says “It’s your fault, on your head be it” or “I’m in charge, right?!”  Usually disagrees with people and accuses.
This is the accuser, acting superior, looking strong
Useful for ramming a message home, emphasising, or telling someone they’ve done really well
Brings energy up
Loud command tonality
Common in visual people


Weight on one leg, or lock your knees together
Everything moving, angular, diagonal, arms and
legs going out in all directions.
Says “Don’t ask me, I’m an airhead, I’m dizzy”
Think dumb bunny, bimbo.
Useful for defusing tension, distracting hecklers, or adding comedy.  Comedians often use Distracter with their punch line.
Ignores any threat in the hope that it’ll vanish
Releases stuck energy
Voice going up and down
Common in Auditory people
Words make no sense

I want it to be that when you do move it has intention, and it has impact!  Try talking about your hobby or your career for a few minutes, or something you know a lot about.  Adopt each category for 30 seconds at a time, so 30 seconds in Computer, then 30 seconds in Leveller, then 30 seconds using them all together

You might start doing this in normal life.  These still work while you’re sitting down, as you use the top half of your body.  But think about it.  What if you became more assertive?

Women in business – try and avoid Placater and Distracter.  They make you look vulnerable and weak.  Instead use Leveller and Computer.  You’ll come over far more assertive, and you’ll probably freak the men out with your authority!

Remember that you cannot not communicate, so make sure what you’re screaming non verbally agrees with what you’re saying with your mouth.  And train up the ones that feel awkward and unfamiliar, to increase your behavioural flexibility.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Glasgow business networking group - Why invite visitors to Club Five55?

Well hello there, my name is Jonathan Clark and welcome to a quick training video on how to maximise your return to GET THE MOST out of your business networking.

This is a quick how to video to help you build your network, so you can reach your goals faster and more easily.  So you’ll make more valuable contacts who can introduce you to more potential clients, making your life easier.

Today’s topic is about inviting guests to take a look at your group.


The other day I got a Cold caller at my door, with a clipboard
I let him do his script… then I had to tell him I’m not really in the market for what he’s selling
But then I asked him - tell me, do you like knocking on doors and pounding the streets?
You’ll be really glad you came to my door… cos I know a better way to get clients…

Why you should invite guests

Yes you get points for bringing a visitor.  Yes you get points if they join.  But beyond that there are several reasons why you ought to invite people.  Let’s talk about the bigger picture
New people are the lifeblood that keeps a networking group buzzing and healthy, therefore every group needs guests
More people in the room = more referrals.  You make more money.  Everyone benefits.
You need to talk about the benefits of business networking with other like-minded business owners
A visitor is always a good result for a group, even if they don’t join – someone ends up doing business with them.  So they may turn into paying clients. 
Also You can’t do everything on your own – the more people who can help you, the easier it gets.
You need to build your contact sphere – the number of other business owners that you have at the other end of the phone.
Networking groups lose members, so it’s vital we bring in new blood to keep the group vibrant and healthy.
It’s also great PR when a local business visits the group and hears what it’s all about, who we all are, chats with several members and takes away all of our business cards.  Does that make sense?

What it means

The fact is - The average visitor spends money with the group, regardless of whether they join or not.  Someone usually ends up doing business with the visitor.
If they join, great - you now have a new member to build a relationship with and share each other’s connections
There’s always somebody in the room that can help you reach your goals, and you can help someone else reach theirs.
Statistically If you grow a group by 10 members, the referrals should double!
There are plenty of people to invite to the meeting
Average business person has 1000 contacts- Between Your phone, your clients, your Facebook friends, your little black book, your suppliers, your LinkedIn connections and your Christmas card list.
When I started, if someone had given me the chance to stand up in front to 20-30 local business owners and decision makers I’d have sold my granny for the chance!

How to invite?

Let me give you a script to help you invite people to look at this group.
Are you in a position to handle more clients?
Great - I am working with a group of local business owners who are looking for a professional [category] to pass referrals to.  Would you be interested in meeting them?

Always remember to tell them to bring lots of business cards.
Now you can run that script by Text, email, phone call, face to face, or private message on LinkedIn or Facebook

Be as brief as possible, get them along to the meeting [pick them up and bring them if need be] and let the meeting do the job for you.  People need to experience a good structured meeting, meet the members, hear the presentations and see the professionalism to be able to judge.

One veteran networker I know used to tell a story of helping out at a Cumbernauld group
There’s his next door neighbour
What are you doing here?
I’ve been coming for a year now – half of my clients come through this group.
Had been scared to invite him.  Pre-judged him – oh he won’t be interested.
Wondered where you were going all suited and booted at that time of day

You can always invite cold - Postcard adverts on supermarket notice boards, local directories, van signage – but I’d rather bring in people I already know, like and trust.

What If You Did?

Realise that YOU’RE DOING THEM A FAVOUR by inviting them.
The average member makes money from being part of the group!  You can help them add money to their bottom line.
You’ll soon come to realise that most long term networkers look at other local business owners and think they’re BONKERS to say no
What if your group grew by 2 or more new members every month?
You can actually see how the energy goes up when there’s a guest in the room – everyone ups their game

If you’re already a member, have a think about who you could invite for next time.

If you’re a guest – now you know how you got here!  But if you’d like to tap into the power of having a ready-made sales team acting as introducers for your business all year round, then speak to us at the end of the meeting.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

What's Your Goal For Your Networking?

 Well hello there, my name is Jonathan Clark and welcome to a quick article on how to maximise your return to GET THE MOST out of your business networking.

This is a quick how to article to help you get clear on why you’re there and the value of building your network, so you can reach your goals faster and more easily.

So you’ll make more valuable contacts who can introduce you to more potential clients, making your life easier.

Today’s topic is about setting an income goal for your networking.

Now that reminds me of a quick story...

I launched my own business in 1997 and I was a shy introvert who found it hard to say hello to people I knew.  I’ve been to a lot of networking events in that time and most of them didn’t work.  What I mean is, I didn’t get any business from them.  It took me a while to realise why – it wasn’t to do with the group or the people - it was that I just wasn’t doing it right.  And I certainly didn’t have any real goal or target in mind when I went.

So why is this whole goal setting thing so critical to your business?

You took time out of your day to get here and made the effort to chat to new people and introduce yourself.  That takes confidence and can be challenging.  Well, we’re here to make sure you get a good return on your investment for the time, money and energy you spend talking to people at networking events, so you should get more business and make more money.  We’re going to discuss how we’ll get you there.

So it’s essential that you have an outcome for being here.  You have to ask yourself “How much money do I want to make from networking? Now I know you probably haven’t been asked that question before, and that’s a good thing, because that means this is going to make an impact.
But just think about it - How can you hit a target you can’t see?

Every ambitious business owner sets goals, and must continually keep track of their progress towards that outcome.  If that little voice in your head isn’t telling you a clear figure, alarm bells should be ringing.  We’re all about generating income for our members, and the freedom and security that that offers you, so it’s vital you have a figure in mind.

Now, the world famous sales trainer and motivational speaker – the late Zig Ziglar – once said “You can’t be a wandering generality, you have to be a meaningful specific.”

We train our members to become very good at the process of networking effectively.  In fact, at the time of recording this video, 70% of my clients have been referred to me by members of my network.
Statistically the average business person knows about 1000 people – if you take your mobile phone contacts, your Facebook friends, your LinkedIn connections, your Christmas card list – you actually know about 1000 people.  But how many of them act as introducers and talk about you to their friends, family and colleagues?

So let’s get you to decide a specific amount of money you’d like to earn in the next 12 months
Just ask yourself - What would be a good target – how much money do you want to make from networking in year one?

You might want to write a number down.

Let’s get something concrete – tangible.
Do you want to add an extra £10,000 to your bottom line?  £25,000?  £100,000?
Get a figure on paper.  I’ll give you a moment to seriously get your head around that question.

Now, think about what an average client is worth.  In real terms.
How much is an average sale in your line of work?  What do you take home in cold, hard profit?

OK so now divide the big target figure by the average sale value = that will quickly give you the number of referrals you need in the next 12 months to smash your target.

You see, we’re not happy for you just to break even, so we want to be crystal clear on  exactly how much you want to make from this vast referral network you’re now part of.

Look at what the average referral is worth to you?  The bread and butter client?  Imagine how much a GOOD referral would be worth?   And what would a dream client look like?  Just suppose you focused on the big ticket clients…

Now paying clients is just one way to hit that target.  There are in fact 17 ways you can make money from networking – we’ll reveal what they are in a future article.

Picture yourself getting warm referrals from the members of this network, not having to search for new business so much and freeing up your time to focus on the things you want to do

So after 25 years of being in business, I now walk into a room with a plan, a target, I have a strategy and because I was also trained to keep track, I know that three quarters of my clients come from business networking events.  But I don’t just go networking, I USE networking. So I’d end with this question – are you just going to networking events or are you using networking events?

If you’re already a member, this is probably the first time you’ve thought about it like this.  You might want to look back at your membership and total up exactly how much money your business has earned as a direct result of networking.

If you’re a guest and you’d like to tap into the power of having a ready-made sales team acting as introducers for your business all year round, to help you accelerate towards that figure, then speak to us at the end of the meeting.

Friday, December 08, 2017

Glasgow Hypnotherapy & Counselling Background

Glasgow Hypnotherapy And Counselling Is Born

I help people change their lives.  

To be honest I’ve always felt the desire to help people, and when I began to get results using these methods on myself, it never crossed my mind to work with others.  I never set out to be a therapist of Life Coach or Trainer – I was going to be a journalist!  But once you know how to change a food addiction, and your mate’s sister sitting next to you at dinner confides in you that she’s hooked on pizza, why wouldn’t you help?

That was always my core drive, and still is.  To help people.  Now I’m not a complete altruist, because it’s my business and I expect to be paid.  But that was my passion – Maybe you’ve seen “Star Wars”, when Obi Wan Kenobi told the Imperial Storm troopers “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” and they let them pass, instantly changing their minds.  “Wouldn’t it be really cool to be able to do that!” I thought.  I want someone to come to me with a problem like “I’m comfort eating cos I’m depressed”, and with a wave of my hand I tell them “Stop it!” and they stopped.  That would be magic!  Real magic.

Love helping people.  Always have.  Even in school my friends would come and ask for dating advice – even though I was single.  Like being the reliable one people come to for help.

I’m a messenger of hope. Eager to share the message that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  You CAN change if you want to.

Used these mind techniques to change my own levels of confidence, heal and ulcer and change my own self-image

Ordinary world – limited awareness of the problem

My earliest memory is waking up in Strathclyde hospital with pneumonia, aged 4.  I’m told I had been left outside in a pram and got sick.  I would catch pneumonia again in 1986 only six weeks into a new job. Another Christmas in hospital.  Somewhere in between I was told I had an allergy to house dust, so they took me into hospital and cut open one of my nostrils to make it wider.  How the **** does that work?

My family health record was atrocious.  My Mum had high blood pressure and would later develop all sorts of weird and wonderful ailments, many of them rooted in fear and psychosomatic illness – what the dictionary defines as a physical disease that is thought to be caused, or made worse, by mental factors.  Even my brother had hospital treatment when he was very young.

See, we grew up in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere, with dogs in the house, mice in the garden and my Dad’s racing pigeon lofts at the bottom of the garden.  We didn’t get out of bed until the coal fire was lit and the water was warm enough to wash with.  There was asbestos in the roof tiles and house dust that looked like tumbleweeds.  My mates at school would be running round in short sleeved shirts and I’d be dressed like a spaceman I had so many layers on – and guess who caught the cold!  No surprise that I got ill at least twice a year, especially in November.

Funnily enough, my Dad used to refer to it as “Black November”.  He told me that in his lifetime November was always cold and dark and wet, and he’d get ill every November.  And he installed that into me as well.  He’d developed testicular Cancer and as a kid I remember him going for radiation therapy.  He’d beaten it, but later that would play on my mind, especially when my brother got ill.  My Dad also had a hard time breathing – years of working with homing pigeons had given him a condition called “pigeon lung”.  Cruel that his bobby actually harmed his health.

Growing up in the 70’s we had a typical Scottish diet at the time – sugary cereal for breakfast before school, chip shop fritters and burgers for lunch, and a plate of stodge at night which invariably involved the deep fryer.  Add to the mix sweets and sugary drinks.  No wonder my dentist loved me.  No wonder I could barely stay awake in class.  I’d wake up knackered in the morning before I even started, and I’d collapse into bed at night.  In between I relied on coffee to keep me going – sometimes five mugs a day.  Can you relate to that?

At school I became terrified of reading aloud in class.  I’d get really scared, I’d break out in a sweat, I’d stutter and my chest would feel like it was going to burst and I couldn’t breathe… In fact I used to dodge English classes in case I’d have to read out loud.  Especially plays – where you can see your line coming closer as you go down the page and the closer it got the more nervous I became. 
I had a duodenal ulcer by the time I was sixteen because I was so nervous and timid with people.  Imagine that – I managed to burn a hole in my stomach with my brain.  What a crap superpower!  So at 20 years of age I’m on a drug called Tagamet which lines your intestines to prevent irritation.  I called it “an old man’s drug”.

I found it nearly impossible to say hello to people I knew!  I’d keep my head down, avoid eye contact, stay locked up tight and be shut down emotionally.  Can you relate to that at all?  You’ve probably heard the old cliché about FEAR – that it spells “False Evidence Appearing Real”, or as I prefer to say “F*** Everything and Run!”  Diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer in my teens.

My Dad had to go for frequent check-ups and the last time I saw him was when I drove him back from Stonehouse Hospital for his routine medical.  I left him at the fireside with a cup of tea and went back to work.  My Mum found him dead on the carpet that night.  And can you guess when he died?  [Black] November 1991.  How’s that for the power of suggestion.

Call to adventure – increased awareness

Now my brother had studied psychology, so I started to read all these thick, heavy books about Freud and Adler and traditional behavioural change.  But Freud said it would take 300 hours of therapy for the average person to change.  Mind you, Freud was a coke addict.  And if you prefer Carl Jung, well he based his psychological archetypes on the major arcana of the Tarot Cards.  So don’t preach to me about traditional routes.

So I started reading about personal development for my own benefit.  They say that people get into self-help books for one of two reasons – either inspiration, or desperation.  Well, I was pretty desperate!

I saw a classified ad in the local paper from the British Institute of Practical Psychology – it was a distance learning course over 4 months that taught me a lot about phantasms from the past and visualising a positive future.

Refusal of the call – reluctance to change

At the time I was working in the civil service, the only male amongst a department full of older women.  Boy that taught me to grow up fast.  But my friend and flatmate had done a runner owing lots of rent and utility bills and I felt betrayed and hurt, and I was under financial pressure to sort it all out.  That meant working 7 days a week and constant overtime to get out of the hole.

Added to that I found my girlfriend in the arms of another guy, so now I had betrayal issues.
All the positive thinking in the world and visualisation techniques I’d learned hadn’t stopped my best friend and my girlfriend from breaking my heart.  I hadn’t visualised either of those events, so I doubted the effectiveness of any of this “positive thinking malarkey”.

Meeting with the mentor – overcoming reluctance

One day I got a leaflet through my letterbox, offering a way to make some extra money through network marketing.  The guy who became my sponsor was an older man with a lot of life experience, and he introduced me to a whole library of American audiotapes by motivational speakers.  Foremost amongst them was Zig Ziglar – the perfect blend of sales man and motivational guru.  This looked like the answer – think positive and make more money.  Perfect combination!

Crossing the threshold – committing to change

So now I’m doing part time network marketing selling designer fragrances via party plan to mainly young women, and getting paid to do it!  Meanwhile I’m still doing the day job in the civil service while living on motivational tapes.  I entered a whole new world with a great bunch of motivated, upbeat people who all wanted success and achievement.

Tests, Allies and Enemies – experimenting with the first change

One day a friend of mine invited me along to a new martial arts class.  Whoah!  I’d grown up with “Enter The Dragon” and Marvel comics so I loved the idea, but I was the skinny specky asthmatic with zero coordination so what hope was there?  But despite my fears, I nervously went along, and met the Instructor – a tall skinny guy who was a world kickboxing champion.  64 of us enrolled that night.  7 years and 6 belts later I was the only one still training in Lau Gar Kung Fu.

Man I was fit.  We’d do 100 sit ups, 100 press ups, go running for 2 miles then come back and learn an hour’s syllabus 3 nights a week.  Looking back I didn’t really appreciate it at the time.  You don’t know what you’ve got, till it’s gone.

Now I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist – but I have now spent two decades in personal development helping people transform their lives – I’ve learned and taught advanced techniques like NLP [Neuro Linguistic Programming] and Hypnosis. 

  For me it was always about making changes.  If you’re not happy with the results you’re creating, then change what you’re doing.  Whining and complaining won’t make it any better, and nobody’s going to come and rescue you.  The sooner you realise it’s up to you, the better.  It’s what you do that counts.  So initially I did private therapy to help people and earn some money, and then started doing workshops to try and share this mind-set with as many people as possible.

  Then in the late nineties I came across a magazine article on the blossoming field of Life Coaching which had just arrived from the USA, and I saw a natural extension to what I was already doing.  Scottish people love American stuff don’t they?  So many Scots sing with American accents – have you ever noticed that? 

So… NLP helped me to help my clients clear up the mental clutter and limitations that hold us all back.  Life Coaching looks at the external factors that make you who you are – your health and eating habits, your family relationships, your intimate relationships, your management of money, your environment, and your career. And the great thing about it was that it could all be done over the phone – a weekly in depth chat with your own confidant who would never judge you – only gently explore, guide and help you move in baby steps towards your life goals.   No embarrassment, no shaming.  Now I had ways of dramatically improving my own life, and the lives of others, on both the inside and the outside.

Did This Help You? Any thoughts or questions?  If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Glasgow Counselling Communication Challenges

  Every individual has their own personal model of the world, made up of their own beliefs, values, attitudes, thinking patterns and filters.  These filters will invariably “contaminate” the interpretation of a communication.  The information comes in through the five senses, at something like two million pieces of information per second.  That’s a lot of stuff!!  Now there’s no way we could process all of that information consciously, so one of the great things your unconscious mind does for you is to filter out a lot of the content.  It does that initially through the automatic processes of deletion, distortion and generalisation:

  Deletion                    - we delete a heck of a lot of information at any one time.  Right now, become aware of your left big toe.  Now where was it until I mentioned it?  That’s deletion.
  Distortion                 -  We bend reality to fit – we read between the lines and hear what we think we hear, or make it the way we want it.  Daydreaming is distortion, seeing faces in clouds. 
  Generalisation                      - We group things together and say “This is like that”.  Cushions, stools and sofas are all places to sit, so if you came into my house and I said “please sit down” you’d know what to do.  You compare new data to what you already know, which is the basis of all learning.  Every morning when you swing your legs out of bed, they always go down to the floor.  They never go up.  You’ve learned that now.

  Whatever gets through those initial processes, gets further filtered by a number of unconscious “files in the filing cabinet” which sift through the data and codify it, make meaning out of what we’ve just perceived.  These include:

  Language – the words and labels we use to describe our experiences
  Memories – our past history and the events that have shaped us.
  Decisions - Behind every belief that something is true, is a decision that you made to make it so.  If you believe you’re a confident person, it’s because at some time in the past you decided that you were. 
  Thinking patterns - For example: are you someone who moves towards what you want, or away from what you don’t want?  Are you interested in learning, achieving, gaining, progressing, acquiring?  Or are you into security, minimising the risk, being cautious, and avoiding hassle.  That one thinking habit shapes everything you do.  That’s only one.
  Your values - Are the positive & negative emotional states that your nervous system pursues or avoids. They are your compulsions & revulsions, they are your strongest feelings about what is right or wrong for you, they dictate how you spend your time & they judge all your actions - in short they govern your entire lifestyle.
Beliefs - A belief is a feeling of certainty that something is true.  If you believe the floor is blue, then you feel very certain that it is.  And unless I get you to question it, you’ll keep that belief.

  Now apart from all of the above, most people are poor communicators, rarely truly “letting someone in”, or genuinely listening to another person without immediately launching into one’s own “stuff”.  Most people have a short attention span thanks to television, internet and Xbox.  And when they do listen, it is often grudgingly, waiting either for a chance to upstage the speaker with their own concerns, or simply counting the seconds till they can terminate the discussion.

  Lack of quality interaction leaves us feeling emotionally distanced, lonely and isolated.  We withdraw into ourselves, begging to be heard but bound and gagged by fear or resentment.  Family gatherings become endurance events, marriages become convenient flatmates, and our very sense of identity is eroded. 

  Human beings all have a need for connection, and significance.  Poor communications makes us feel detached and invisible.  Effective communication can create  miraculous change.  Verbal magic!

So what about you?  How's your communication?  And how does it affect your life now?

Did This Help You? Any thoughts or questions?  If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below and shared on Facebook

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Do The Law Of Attraction, The Secret & Self Help Actually Work?

Hi there,

 How you doing?

 It's a blowy Saturday morning and I'm sitting outside the school where Luke's at his usual violin lesson. Every week he goes to class, gets instruction from an experience teacher who's good at what she does, and he learns and improves his skills and he's really coming on. Which is kind of what I want to talk to you about.

 See I've been into personal development and self help for 25 years - I started with a wee correspondence course on confident psychology, then started reading positive mental attitude books before going onto audio tapes by Zig Ziglar, then NLP, Tony Robbins - all the usual gurus. I've studied and been certified with 3 different NLP training companies at practitioner, master practitioner and even nlp trainer. I went to Hawaii 5 times to study Huna and western high magic. I've used goal setting, law of attraction, time management, visualisation, you name it. And I've earned a good living as a master hypnotherapist and NLP trainer, running courses and working with over 2000 private clients.

 But here's the thing - I've met loads of people who have read all the books, listened to all the CDs, they say they applied all the principles, and it hasn't made a blind bit of difference. They're still ill, or broke, or divorced, or scared, or phobics, and they say personal development is nonsense.

 See if there are the 4 levels of life - the spiritual the mental the emotional and the physical, my theory is that everyone wants change in the physical world - money, lovers, houses, cars, things. Mental is nice, spiritual can be profound, emotional makes you feel better but my belief is that people want tangible 3d proof.

 So I'd like to hear from you in particular - if you're a fan of personal development, if you're a seminar junkie like me, has it made a difference? Did it work? Did the law of attraction being you what you wanted? Did the money and wealth courses make you money? Were there real, tangible improvements in the world of physical? Or did it just give you a warm fuzzy feeling?

 Leave your comments below and I'll reposed to the personally.

And if you haven't read my report called "If NLP and coaching are so hot where's my range rover?"  yet,the link is RIGHT HERE

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet

This is probably bonkers, but I've got my reasons. :) More on that in a second...

Here's the deal: For the next 4 days ONLY, I'm offering my comprehensive Published Author & Done For You Platform programme, The Guru Factory, for 66% off the retail price.

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The Guru Factory is a 9-step coaching programme where I help entrepreneurial women build a 6 figure guru business so they can impact thousands of people without having to figure it all out by themselves. 

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I'll help you create the products that will open up to six new streams of income for you, freeing up your time to do more of what you love.

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